Energy Assistance

VCAP gives Vermonters with low income, especially older Vermonters, people with disabilities and families with children the ability to save fuel and money by improving the energy efficiency, safety and health in their homes. Vermonters are warmer, safer, healthier and have an increased ability to face the ravages of a pandemic in the midst of rising job loss, isolation and cold. We are working for Climate Justice.

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Current Programs


Fuel savings, energy audits, checking heating systems for safety and efficiency, insulation, lights and appliances where eligible are all free for those who qualify.

Crisis Fuel

Help purchasing the primary source of your heat, avoiding disconnection of service, and repair or replacement of furnaces for homeowners.

Warmth Program

Help to supplement Vermont’s Seasonal and Crisis Fuel Assistance services.

Financial Energy Counseling

Personal and family financial and energy coaching

Mileage Smart

Qualified applicants can get an incentive of 25% of the purchase price — up to $5,000 — towards a used, fuel efficient car.

The Vermont Need


of annual income spent on energy costs by Vermonters with low income


Vermont has some of the oldest housing stock in the nation


of adult Vermonters suffer from asthma

VCAP Reach

  • 464 units/homes were weatherized by VCAP
  • $903,090 was spent on labor, materials and replacement systems through the Emergency Heating Repair and Replacement program

VCAP Annual Impact

  • 1,529 Vermonters are safer, healthier and warmer because of the work of weatherization
  • 1,365 Vermont homes were kept warm, safe and comfortable
  • 10,494 were served through the Crisis fuel program for short term emergency assistance
  • 1,422 Vermont households have improved energy efficiency and energy burden reduction