Who We Are

Incorporated in 1978, the Vermont Community Action Partnership (VCAP) is the state association for Vermont’s five Community Action Agencies.  These Agencies operate through federal, state and private funding to provide programs and services to Vermonters with low or moderate income.   We were established through the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson and came into being in 1965 through the first state Office of Economic Opportunity in the nation created under Governor Philip Hoff.   We continue to work hand and hand with the Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity and the Vermont Legislature.

Through our strong partnership with federal, state agencies, community based organizations and other mission minded partnerships, we work to address the causes and the conditions of poverty in Vermont.

On the front line of poverty, through short and long term strategies, VCAP and the Vermont Community Action Agencies are recognized leaders in providing individuals, families and communities with the tools, skills and vision for needed economic, racial, social and environmental justice.


Our impact in 2022 providing services to:

  • 39,612 Vermonters with low income
  • 21,381 Vermont households
  • 4,516 Vermonters of color
  • 1,059 Vermont Veterans
  • 10,116 Older Vermont 
  • 7,620 Vermonters with disabilities
  • 1,408 Vermonters experiencing homelessness
  • 2,770 Vermonters employed full time