May is Community Action Month

May 1, 2022 marks the 58th year since the Community Action Network
was established to help American families and communities overcome obstacles to poverty.  Over 1000 agencies across the country are working every day to create opportunities and transform the lives of their neighbors making communities stronger and helping families across the US thrive.


This year, the Vermont Community Action Partnership, a proud member of the Community Action Network, will also commemorate 58 years in service helping families throughout Vermont.

“Each May, during Community Action Month, we reflect on the impact VCAP and our network has had on families,” said Jan Demers, VCAP Coordinator. “Last year alone, we served 37,311 people in Vermont, and over 15 million across
the country with immediately needed services such as shelter and food, and also long-term solutions like education and job placement.”

Community Action Agencies serve 99% of all American counties with life-changing services to help families achieve financial stability. All agencies are locally controlled and represented by the private, public, and low-income sectors of the community. “We are proud of our communities’ participation in the development and oversight of our programs,” said Demers.  “Their
engagement helps us to be more effective in our approach by determining what Vermonters needs.”

VCAP is a member of the National Community Action Partnership and the Community Action Network, which was born out of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.